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How To Get Jobs On oDesk

First off oDesk is a freelancing site that primarily is for outsourcing. You can see that most of the jobs started are from the US, Canada, UK, and Australia and

Search Engine Companies Are Lying To You

Search Engine Optimization individuals and companies have been selling false hope and dreams to website owners for 10+ years now. Why do they promise high rankings for keywords that are

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WordPress City Spinner Plugin

This plugin is almost done and it is similar to my other ones but I made this one a little different and has the ability to work with any local

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WordPress Baby Names Database Plugin

Baby name databases are extremely popular and always in demand. These add a nice little touch to any related site. Now what’s so special about mine you ask? Well you

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WordPress Airport Database Plugin

Here is the first plugin that I am releasing for sale. I have about 15 more just like it with only different databases that I am slowly but surely putting